All Breed Show

AKC All Breed Obedience and Rally Event

October 4 - 6 2024

Mark your calendars for an exciting 3-day extravaganza of dog shows! Stay tuned for our announcement of our 2024 show date, at the Twin Falls County Fairgrounds in Filer, ID, for an AKC ALL BREED OBEDIENCE AND RALLY event presented by Baray dog shows. Enjoy spacious RV parking and the comfort of indoor facilities for all events, including Obedience Trials and Rally Trials. You’ll also find Indoor Grooming facilities to pamper your furry friends. Don’t miss this incredible gathering of dog enthusiasts and their remarkable canines.

Click the button below to check out the AKC All Breed Obedience and Rally Premium list at Baray Dog Shows or fill out the AKC Canine Partners Listing Application.




Twin Falls County Fairgrounds
215 Fair Ave, Filer, ID 83328

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Guests are always welcome at Snake River Canyon Kennel Club of Idaho! For inquiries, contact us via email or visit our Facebook page. Join us to celebrate responsible dog ownership and the exciting world of dog sports. See you soon!

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