Farm Dog Certification

Farm Dog Certification​

Dive into the world of canine excellence with our Farm Dog Certifications at the Snake River Canyon Kennel Club. Our upcoming events are designed to showcase and enhance the skills of your beloved companions, aligning with our commitment to promoting responsible dog ownership and advanced training techniques. Whether you’re looking to compete or just keen on advancing your dog’s obedience, rally, and agility capabilities, we have something for everyone.

Upcoming Events:

  • Rally Practices
    Dates To Be Announced
    Join our rally practices to hone your dog’s skills in this exciting team sport. Rally combines obedience and agility, challenging teams to navigate courses with precision and speed. Perfect for those looking to improve their teamwork and communication.

  • Agility Practices
    Dates To Be Announced
    Leap into our agility practices, designed for dogs of all levels. Agility is a thrilling sport that tests your dog’s speed, agility, and obedience through various obstacle courses. It’s a fantastic way to build a stronger bond with your pet while keeping them physically and mentally stimulated.

Our Farm Dog Certification events are held in the picturesque setting of the Twin Falls County, offering a perfect backdrop for participants to learn, compete, and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow dog enthusiasts. Stay tuned for more details on rally and agility practice dates, and prepare to embark on a journey of growth and discovery with your canine companion.

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Guests are always welcome at Snake River Canyon Kennel Club of Idaho! For inquiries, contact us via email or visit our Facebook page. Join us to celebrate responsible dog ownership and the exciting world of dog sports. See you soon!

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