AKC event Rules

Guidelines for Fair Play and Fun

Scentwork Rules

Unleash your dog's scenting abilities! Familiarize yourself with our Scentwork Rules to join thrilling competitions where your canine's keen sense of smell shines.

Agility Rules

Jump into the excitement of agility! Check out our Agility Rules and prepare for exhilarating courses that will strengthen your bond with your furry friend.

Obedience and Rally Rules

Communicate effectively with your dog! Explore our Obedience and Rally Rules, honing your training skills for precise and harmonious performances.

AKC ACT Regulations

Prepare for adventure! Dive into the AKC ACT Regulations and get ready for active events that showcase your dog's versatility and enthusiasm.

AKC Dog Show Rules:

Step into the spotlight! Review our AKC Dog Show Rules to participate in prestigious events that celebrate your dog's beauty and grace.

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Guests are always welcome at the Snake River Canyon Kennel Club of Idaho! For inquiries, please contact us via email at contact@snakeriverkc.com or fill out the form below. Join us to celebrate responsible dog ownership and the exciting world of dog sports. See you soon!”

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